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Dr. Rajani

A.J Hospital, Mangalore

I had heard about online shopping of groceries from my sister in law in Bangalore, and was wondering when I would be blessed with this opportunity... then one fine day I saw a pamphlet about chitki in front of my door....from that day till today I have enjoyed chitki... quick delivery... fresh vegetables and fruits....easy replacement....and finally humble representatives....I would suggest chitki to all, especially to all working women...they will love it.

Yajnesh Talapady

Software Engineer

CodeCraft Technologies, Mangalore.

Only grocery and daily essentials online delivery system in Mangalore. Fantastic delivery experience within 4 hours. Customer service is amazing, refund and dispute handling is good. You get almost everything here with good quality. Namma kudladaklena permeda company.

Rajaneesh Kadri

Service in a MNC as Director

I am living abroad and my son is studying MBBS in Mangalore. Due to tight schedule of studies and college, my son was finding it very difficult to manage his day to day stuff. Now, since almost one year when I discovered Chitki in website, Chitki has become like a life line. It has made life so easy, that I can easily order all stuff from here and my son receive it conveniently without any hassle and without spending too much time in shopping. I also want to appreciate prompt services from Chitki.


House maker

Surathkal / Bangalore

As I am residing in Bangalore and my parents are staying in Mangalore, I was looking for a shop where my parents can get the things without having to travel and the need to carry; to shop from home; also to avoid compulsive buying.

That was when I discovered Chitki.com, it helped to meet all these objectives. The experience my parents had with very first order exceeded all the expectations. They said services from Chitki.com have been highly professional and trustworthy. Your team seems to understand customers well and seem to care for them with great focus on building long-term customer loyalty. And I can make online payment also. It's really been a pleasure to be shopping with Chitki. Hope my parents shall be able to enjoy this service for a long time to come and they will not have a chance to consider any other store.

Divya Shetty

Manager, Diya Systems.

Ashoknagar, Mangalore.

Chitki.com is an amazing website. When I first heard about it, I was wondering will I be getting the fresh vegetables and fruits as I cherry pick In the market??? The cost??? I was very skeptical about this. Later on my friend recommend chitki and she was very happy with the products they offer. So, I gave a try.. trust me.. I just could not believe it. Groceries were of good quality and believe me the veggies I ordered were so fresh... and the cost... It was comparatively better...

They have wide range of products... anything you want.. you name it.. they have it.. in case, you don't like the quality of the product, you call them. They have an easy return policy. Chitki has made my life easy.. Any groceries I need, I go to their website select the products and they deliver it at the time I mention. Just Love it....

Pavan Kumar

Engineer, KPTCL

Valencia, Mangalore.

First of all, I would like to thank Chitki.com for making my life really easy. I was looking for someone who could shop for groceries for me as it's really very tough to shop during weekends as it is the only spare time I can afford.

While placing the very first order, I was not very sure about the products and services offered, and had ordered as a trial. The moment it got delivered to my doorstep, my assumption changed completely. The products were hygienically packed with reasonable prices. As a customer, I'm really very impressed with the shopping experience at Chitki.com.

Jamsheena Siddique



I must say I was not expecting much when it came to doing my grocery shopping online - I mean someone else picking out my groceries for me. Most of all, I didn't realize how wonderful everyone was going to be - from all the wonderful people on the phone calling to make sure I received exactly what I needed and wanted to the delivery men who were so polite and carried everything in. I didn't have to do anything. It was a great experience! My order was delivered within 8pm though I ordered it at 5pm. Wishing a great success to Chitki.

Prabhakar Pandit

Urwa Store, Mangalore

Yes! Indeed Chitki.com made my shopping easy & profitable. Now I save petrol, saved from risky traffic jam, saved my buy times and get more times for professional service. Before any purchase I used to check prices from all super markets in Mangalore and finally go to cheapest with top most quality. My personal truthful experience is that Chitki.com the best firm for online purchases and can be trusted 100%. I saved money and why not you, TEST & TRUST.

Vineeth Kumar


​Chitki.com is one of the best online grocery store I found, happy to know that its in my home town Mangalore. User friendly website design, wide range of products, more than that very quick response and order customization over WhatsApp or online chat make me feel very comfortable. I am station at Singapore and I shop almost every week. they deliver on time quality products. I wish Chitki will continue same level of service in future days.


Online grocery shopping in Mangalore

Buy groceries, fresh fruits & vegetables, cakes & other bakery items meats & seafood, cosmetics and baby care products. We get it all delivered to your home and office within hours. Save time and money with our best prices, deals and offers.

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Order thousands of products at just a tap; milk, eggs, bread, cooking, oil, ghee, atta, rice, fresh fruits & vegetables, spices, chocolates, chips, biscuits, Maggi, cold drinks, shampoos, soaps, body wash, diapers and other products online.


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Grocery Shopping on the Go!

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Dr. Rajani

A.J Hospital, Mangalore

I had heard about online shopping of groceries from my sister in law in Bangalore, and was wondering when I would be blessed with this opportunity... then one fine day I saw a pamphlet about chitki

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